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we are more than a ski pass.

The Full Story

We are obsessed with uphilling (aka alpine touring, aka backcountry skiing, aka skinning). Whether you are a trail runner looking for winter recreation or a veteran ski mountaineer, skinning up a mountain and skiing down is the best combo of exercise and fun out there!

But winters in New England can make accessing the backcountry unpredictable, unreliable, or unsafe. Ski resorts, with their outstanding snowmaking operations, offer a reliable outlet for ski touring enthusiasts.  


But many ski resorts aren't sure they want to encourage uphill skiing due to the new challenges and complexities to ski resort operations and minimal additional revenue. Uphill access is at risk of going away at many mountains. 

To ensure uphilling becomes a permanent fixture at ski resorts in New England, we are partnering with them to make uphilling worthwhile for everyone involved. The multi-mountain pass will make uphilling administration easier and more valuable to ski resorts, while also creating value and convenience for uphillers. Our goal is to make uphillers a valued set of customers who ski resorts want to visit their mountains. 

Our Team

Uphill New England Board of Directors

Ed Skiing Profile Pic2.png

Ed warren

Managing director

Jen Downing Profile Pic (small)_edited.jpg

Jen downing

Mark Adamcyzk Profile Pic.jpeg

Mark Adamczyk

Carolyn headshot.jpg

Carolyn Ranten

Zach McCarthy Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Zach McCarthy


We have a great little team of part-timers and volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, please see the listing of positions at the bottom of the page. 

Ryan ski headshot_edited.jpg

Ryan Stolp

Website & Marketing


Nick Brown


image (2).png

Joe Debalsio

Website & Social Media


Jenny Ramsey


image (3).png

Joe Rossiter



Jenny Rice

Content & Events


Abby Bennett

Social Media


Tyler Bass



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