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uphill policies

Each ski resort has a unique uphill policy and access can change on a day-by-day basis. We are working hard to make this simpler, but it is still YOUR responsibility to be knowledgable of each mountain's policy, act responsibly, and check the mountain's daily status.


By respecting these policies you help preserve uphill access for everyone.

Check out the uphill policy page of each resort (linked below) and Uphill New England mobile app for the latest details!

Uphill Best Practices


  • Your Uphill New England arm band is your pass. Wear it every time!

  • Uphill New England membership allows you to access uphill trails on 13 mountains. Membership includes a streamlined waiver system and arm band for direct access.

  • Non-members can purchase a specific uphill day or season pass from the mountain’s ticket office or online. Most mountains require you to read and sign an uphill waiver.

  • All posted signage and the Skier’s Responsibility Code must be followed.

  • Stay on designated uphill trails. Some mountains have designated downhill trails during non operating hours. If snowshoeing is allowed, there are usually designated trails for downhill use.

  • Do not travel on closed trails

  • Stay clear of snowmaking or grooming equipment. Some mountains do not allow access to trails with active snowmaking or grooming. Do not ski over snowmaking hoses.

  • If traveling on an open downhill route, travel uphill in a narrow formation at the designated edge of the trail to avoid downhill traffic.

  • Be aware of sharp turns and knolls where you may not be in view of downhill traffic.  Be sure to be visible to other travelers and mountain operations.

  • Wear high visibility clothing (that’s why the New England Uphill Armbands are bright green!)

  • Ski Patrol and other Mountain Ops personnel may ask to see your Uphill Travel Pass.  Please kindly accommodate them.

  • Most mountains DO NOT allow dogs. If they do please ensure you clean up after your dog. Be aware of the dangers of skiing with dogs as your skis’ edges can be extremely dangerous to dogs. 

Uphill During Non Operating Hours

  • Check each mountain's policy to see if uphill is allowed during non operating hours. If a mountain allows uphill access during non operating hours, you are taking on additional risk. Ski patrol is not available to help if you get into trouble either ascending or descending. Bring a fully charged phone and call 911 if you need help.

  • Always use a headlamp at/or before dawn and at/or after dusk

Berkshire East

Uphill & downhill access available on Big Chief and Mohawk from 6:30 AM until lifts open. No other trails can be used prior to lifts opening. 4 uphill routes are open during operating hours. No dogs and no uphill access after the lifts stop spinning.

Big Moose Mountain (Big Squaw)

Travel the designated uphill route Friday-Sunday or when the lift & lodge are open. If outside of operating hours on-mountain rescue services are not available. On-mountain rescue services are not guaranteed above the Triple Lift at any time. Please descend on open terrain only. Snowshoes are allowed but only descend on uphill trails.

Black Mountain of Maine

Uphill is open when the mountain is open for the season. Check full policy for when and what trails are open during both operating and non operating hours. Snowshoes are allowed. Only service dogs are allowed.

Bolton Valley

Uphill is open when the mountain is open for the season. Check policy for opening times/days of uphill trails: Wilderness and Timberland. Ski patrol is not available during non operating hours. No snowshoeing, no uphill access to the top of Vista Peak, and no dogs.


Uphill open on 3 trails from dawn to dusk. Skis, split boards and snowshoes allowed but dogs are not. Stay clear of snow making/grooming equipment and keep off closed trails.

Dartmouth Skiway

Uphill on designated trails during Skiway operating hours. Stay clear of snow making/grooming equipment during non ski lift operating hours. Snowshoes are allowed but dogs are not.

Magic Mountain

Uphill available on closed days (Mon-Wed). Uphill traffic must use the uphill trail in the woods to the uphill left of the Green Chair/Lower Magic Carpet run-out. Uphill closed on "powder days" and private events. No dogs during operating hours except with snowshoers but must remain on leash.


Uphill on 2 uphill trails. Stay clear of snow making/grooming equipment during non operating hours. Snowshoes are allowed but dogs are not.

Mt. Abram

Uphill open Thur-Tue 5 AM to 8 PM. Closed Wed. Uphill access on 2 designated trails during operating hours. Stay clear of snow making/grooming equipment and no downhilling on recently closed trails during non operating hours. Dogs are allowed only during non operating hours.


Uphill is open 7 AM to 3:30 PM but downhill does NOT open until the lifts are open (8:30 AM on weekends/holidays and 9 AM weekdays). Snowshoes allowed but must descend the uphill trail. Skiers can descend any open trails. No dogs. No nordic skis.

Tenney Mountain

Coming Soon....

Waterville Valley

3 uphill trails on the main mountain and 3 on Snow's Mountain. Check full policy for times/days trails are open. Reflective armbands must be worn while ascending. No descending until lifts open on powder days. No dogs. Snowshoeing is only available on the NFS Tecumseh Trail.


Uphill on Ivory Run during operating hours - stay skinners right. Do not uphill on trails with snow making/grooming equipment during non operating hours. No downhill travel on Bougainvillea and Spout from closing to 6 am. Must wear a headlamp in low light conditions or after sunset. No dogs.

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